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Do Not Hire List?

By Guest Blogger: mineje

I kind of suspected as much, but I heard last night that there is a "do not hire" list at my former place of employment and, naturally, I am on it. In and of itself, this probably would not be such a big thing, but if you think about it, when a prospective employer calls, one of the questions they will ask is "would you rehire this employee?" If the answer is "no", that opens the door to the question, "why not?". Even if the question is not asked or answered, the fact that a former employer would not hire me back - particularly one that I worked for for over seven years - indicates that something of a major nature happened.
Now, understand, I was accused of theft, and proved that it did not occur. My boss never apologized, and continued in her effort to terminate me from my position. I chose to resign instead.  I was assured by personnel that the termination paperwork would not be included in my personnel file and that I would be eligible for rehire. I have applied for literally hundreds of jobs both in the same organization and outside, yet I have only gotten four interviews. I have applied to agencies, had great interviews with them and left with the comment ringing in my ears, "well, everything looks great! I'm sure we can place you soon. All that we need to do is verify your references and we'll have you to work in no time!", only to never hear from them again. 

To add injury to insult, my former employer is a state agency (a university) where I received my degree in Public Administration and I can't get a job as an administrative assistant?!?! Does that mean that the $138,500 education I got from them is worthless? I have both a bachelors' degree and a masters' degree and I am more than half way toward a PhD. There is no earthly reason for me to be on the brink of eviction, car repossession and bankruptcy. Even in this economic climate, I should be able to get a job typing, if nothing else. Yet, I have not been able to get a position in anything but retail (oddly, handling the money at store closing) since I left.
Any ideas on what I should do next??