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In Desperate Need of a Job

By Featured Job Seeker: Lisa

I hate to use the term desperate because as a person who used to do the hiring, I know that is not a term that a hiring official wants to hear.  I have been out of work for three weeks but due to my own doing and now I can't turn it around.  I quit my job due to working way too many hours and not enough pay.  So I needed to stand up for myself.  I am a very hard worker and don't mind working more than 40 hrs a week as long as I am getting paid fairly to do so.  With my medical background, Bachelor's in Management Human Resources, and living in the DFW area I figured I wouldn't have an issue finding a job within two weeks.  Now I am getting down to struggling to pay bills and to keep my head held high.  If anyone knows of anyone hiring please let me know.  I am willing to take a lower paying job at this time as well.