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Jobs at the US Census Bureau - 1000's of 'em

I heard this morning on NPR that the US Census Bureau is hiring 1000's of temporary folks to help collect data. While this is a temp job I would venture to say working for the Census Bureau, a governement job, will look good on a resume especially if you pursue government related employment in the future. Always look at temp positions as opportunities to become permanant. Work hard to get noticed, go the extra mile.

Here is the link. Click on your state:


If you do this I would love to hear about your experience.

From the site:

"The Regional Offices are responsible for hiring and supervising the field workers that collect census information from residents in every part of our country. Every ten years the Census Bureau conducts a census involving every household in the country. During this time we need thousands of temporary census takers and office workers to assist in that process. During the rest of the decade the Regional Offices conduct other surveys and need a much small number of field workers on a more regular basis. These workers conduct surveys with residents on a variety of topics using a laptop computer, or in some cases paper and pencil. In each of the Regional Offices a staff of supervisors called Survey Statisticians, manage the field workers. There are a number of other support positions in the Regional Offices including payroll and personnel staff, geographers, and census information specialists. To find out more about these Regional Office positions, you can click on the map above for the Regional Office that serves your area."