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Dog fucked me stories

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Dog fucked me stories

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I submit the following: Two years ago I lived 12 miles east of Seattle. The house I was renting had an attached garage and a medium lawn.

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So, Tara take a break today, Teresa can handle everything. Our family Rottweiler had just completed our mating, by depositing his seed into me.

Oh God, I can't believe I'm doing this! At that moment I lost all my nerve and started panicking, my arms had no strength left so Storids tried kicking with my legs and waving my hips around. The sex was great, I got up off of the floor and slipped back on my bikini panties, then I put my robe on and tied to sash.

I squealed like a piglet, as my little pussy started to stretch to accommodate the dog's penis that was rapidly swelling, It felt so large and it was still growing. The driver sounded his horn and the dog bolted towards my house. He thinks I don't know, but I just let it go, I figure boys will be boys.

I could feel the pain getting worse. Now, you could call me naive and stupid, because the only thing, I had ever heard of was the occasional joke about dogs screwing women.

As I positioned myself for coming rape I felt rage. His cock was way bigger than my pussy. I could feel the tip of Jasper penis poking around searching for my pussy opening. I have never had a penis in me that large before.

Our dog loudly whimpering, then he went motionless. He had what he wanted and that was that. Buster followed me into the bedroom and as I bent down to open the bottom draw to get a towel out I felt a rough tongue on my pussy lips up to my ass. Well there's only three penises in this house my husband's, my 18 year old son's and our dogs. Once home I took of my clothes to have a shower. Our Rottweiler was sending me the message to Hold still and not move, So I froze and stopped struggling, I was crying, as dog fucked me stories dog wrapped his paws around my waist tightly and mounted me.

Always following me around the house, wanting to play and rough houses it, at least that's what, I thought, he was doing. I managed to get loose, I got to my feet, as I went to get away from the dog.

Watching the dogs have sex turned me on. In my mind, not only did I feel weird and grossed out that, I got off from a dog fucking me and stoeies I yelled out during it. Then I thought to myself, "Oh no this can't be happening," the dog's penis was rubbing against my G-spot. She ms heard nothing but promised to call back if anything developed. At this time I began to feel a tight cramping pain in my guts caused by his cock being dog fucked me stories in so deep.

I slipped my blouse on and then reached into the closet and got out my short black business mini skirt off the hanger. I then slid my panties to the side so he could get right to where the wetness was coming from.

When, my sister had come upstairs after finishing doing the makeup on a body. During that time I did have an orgasm. As I assumed the mating position he released my neck. I screamed and put my arms up in front of me but the force of his lunge knocked me to the floor.

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He barked and then lunged at me. I said," Ok Jasper you can come in, but you better lay down and behave. I made sure I acted like usual, I went to slowly close the wooden sliding doors and the dog came running, like I expected.

Then our family Rottweiler reposition himself and found the opening to my pussy, his penis started sliding in and out of my pussy fast, like a jackhammer. A dog fucking licked my cunt and I loved it. I was sure that he was fuckrd and his owner would be looking to claim him.

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He started to jump on me and as I pushed him away I yelled, "Stop that Jasper, you're going to get hair on me, Silly dog! The dog finally got what he has been wanting all this time, to mate with me.

I froze. I squealed, as our family Rottweiler, held me by the back of my neck again.

How a dog forced me into submission

It was out of this world,i ave always wondered wat it would feel if a guy licks my pussy,its fucking out of this world. I just stood there. He made a deep threatening dog fucked me stories, gripped my waist tighter and lunged upward into my cunt. I took a deep breath and said, "Ok Jasper, I hope you enjoy this, I never thought I would ever be wrapping my lips around your penis Jasper, but I'm going to, so here goes. After a few seconds, Ztories quickly slipped the tip of his penis up my ass and let out a howl.

His balls smacked my round fleshy ass as he fucked me with force. My pussy and guts ached and I was still feeling nauseous. Looking over and he had a smirk on his doggie face.