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Dr seuss pick up lines

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Dr seuss pick up lines

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March 2, We apologize in advance for defiling children's literature for you.

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Dr seuss pickup lines

Would you do it on a boat? Add your own in the comments!

I hate this place - the crowd's so phony! We wish we had come up with this first. On a boat, in a car, with your toes all curled - Oh, the places we'll go when I rock linea world!

Hi there girl, you look so great, Would you kindly be my date? Get in the van? I came inside hotties and gave them the thrills. Seuss's th birthday, they composed some clever rhyme-y pick up lines in his honor.

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Like so: You have brains in your head. You have eeuss in your shoes. I'm really rich. Would you like it in the fitting room at Old Navy? Would you like it in the dark? But it's what's in your pants That I'd like to choose.

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I do not like her, no sirree. Brad Sherwood Are you my mommy? I do not like my wife, you see.

I think that would be really nice. Ryan Stiles Come sleep with me, sleep with me twice. Would you do it in a tree? Brad Sherwood You're the kind of girl I'd like to know.

March 2, We apologize in advance for defiling children's literature for you. How about we go on a date? Would you like it with some gravy? In all of Hooterville, where there's Hooters supreme, yours are the best of the Hooters I've seen!

What are some dr seuss inspired pick-up lines??

Marvin K. Say, care to ride me like a pony? My tricks are not bad.

You are so good looking, boobily boo, come back to my place for some bamity boo. Mooney, will you please come now?!? Dr.

My name is Horton, and I see a hoe. I love someone who knows what wine goes with red fish or blue fish.

In honor of Dr. You know what they say, yes it is true. We can do it outside, We can do it on a horse-and-carriage ride, Won't you share some public lovin' with me, Underneath a sycamore tree?

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Looky looky at the size of my shoe. Would you like it in the park? I may not like Green ham or eggs, but I sure love your long, thin legs. Seuse looks accuse, her words disparage, And so we have this open marriage.