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Girls who want sex Iraq

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Girls who want sex Iraq

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BBC News Date With their bright neon s and glitzy whoo, dozens of nightclubs line the streets of the Maraba district in the Syrian capital Damascus. It's here that men come from far and wide - car plates are not just from Syria but Iraq and Saudi Arabia - to watch young women dancing. Most of the dancers are teenagers and many of them are Iraqi refugees.

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There was nothing I could do, so I contacted the cleric.

Iraq’s secret sex trade

Life had become increasingly tough for Rusul. It's very widespread. It wasn't even her second, third or fourth. Then when you come back she's yours.

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Most of the dancers are teenagers and many of them are Iraqi refugees. In the marriage offices in Kadhimiya, clerics approached by the BBC undercover reporter elaborated on their practice. The first checkpoint was really scary because I had a secret camera. There are many girls like me.

Of those eight, we had further conversations with two who agreed to approve them for girls as young as nine. Viewer discretion is advised. Since then, Iraqi Shias have sought redress and reversed the imbalance of power.

And he is happy to Gir,s the ceremony over the phone, with the girl not even present. The BBC decided to investigate after it was contacted by concerned members of communities in Iraq.

None of my family know what I do here. Mutaa marriages are not permitted under Sunni Islam.

Iraq's secret sex trade

Out of 10 clerics approached by a BBC undercover reporter, eight said they performed them. Watch more. The marriage had lasted just three hours. My family has abandoned me. It's better for you, given your troubles. He told me, "Now that you have taken this path, you have no other choice.

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Most couples are seeking permanent marriages. Clerics are required by Sharia to obtain parental consent if the girl is under-age. After just a few weeks, he proposed. He is not concerned that the bride is young.

Nada, 16, says was dumped by her father at the Iraq-Syria border after her cousin whk away my virginity". He says although allowed in Sharia he would never officiate one.

I was familiar with the concept of temporary marriages, and unfortunately child marriage is not uncommon in certain countries in the Middle Eastincluding Iraq. Now several years older, Mona is under pressure from her family to marry, and is terrified her future husband will find out she's no longer a virgin. Despite being illegal in Iraq, the BBC found that mutaa marriages were widely available in Kadhimiya.

He's your husband, you believe you have a future, but it turned out it was all a lie.

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But despite her hardships, she had made a promise to herself that she wouldn't depend on a man for survival. There are no reliable statistics about how often this custom is actually used today; it's illegal under Iraqi law.

The invasion toppled Saddam Hussein's nominally secular government, and ended the political and economic dominance of Iraq's Sunni minority and the persecution of the country's Shia majority. Rusul knew she would struggle to survive for much longer on her salary, wwant that her lack of education afforded her little prospect of a better job.

We've come qant because of increasing concerns among Iraqi Shias that some clerics are abusing an ancient marriage practice to exploit women and girls. At an age when life should just be beginning, Iraqi teenagers like Nada feel they have reached a dead end. Millions visit this holy shrine, and many couples come here to whk married.

She says that her uncle killed her cousin just for having a boyfriend. They dance for the cash which gets tossed onto the stage. She says the length of her contracts have varied from a few hours to several weeks. Other girls, for example, have spoken of being given contraceptive injections.

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The dancers are surrounded by bodyguards, to stop them being touched by the men. She won't say what she must do to earn this money. She would watch as girls not much older than her in tight clothing and bright make-up came in to wait expectantly. They also say that women have sexual desires and want a religiously-approved means of sleeping with men.

I went undercover to expose iraq’s secret sex trade, and what i discovered shocked me to my core

He cherished me. Now everything is destroyed. But Sayyed Raad is happy to officiate even when our reporter pretends the girl in question is a year-old virgin.

He even agrees to procure our reporter another girl for a later date. Cleric Sayyed Mustafa Salawi says he would be happy to officiate a mutaa marriage between the reporter and a girl the reporter pretends is 12 years old. She won't go into details about how much she earns, but says the cleric takes a fee from the client and then pays her the dowry.

She says the cleric provides her with contraceptive injections to ensure she doesn't get pregnant.