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Grandma grandson sex stories

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Grandma grandson sex stories

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They were not well off by any means, neither was my family. My dad went to help out after the funeral making arrangements to sell her trailer and car, Gramma wouldn't need them since she was now going to move in with us. We grandma grandson sex stories in a 3-bedroom house, Mom and Dad's room on the far side from my bedroom and my 2 sisters' in the middle. Well, I was concerned about the sleeping arrangements now, knowing math I did the s and I was odd man out now. I didn't want to sleep on our couch for years and voiced my opinion about it at breakfast.

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And I loved to do it. Although there might have been a slight sag to the pendulous breasts when she was standing, they were still beautifully firm and full, with granndma areolae fanning out around the hard pink nipples; taking one nipple into grandma grandson sex stories mouth, he sucked intently, even as he continued to grind away at her pussy. But then a few weeks later, around the start of school, Addie began to feel queasy and went to her doctor for a checkup.

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Somehow, Jimmy found the willpower to drag himself away from Addie long enough to get his class list and books, but—with several weeks before school actually started— he mostly fucked his sexy grandmother every chance he got. The feeling inside her was so different than what I expected, she was really tight and her pussy felt so hot and very, very wet.

Now 20 weeks along, she could feel her babies kicking in her belly, even as her own heart fluttered with excitement. Her hand began to massage my dick in her sleepy state I guess she had forgotten he was dead. She laughed in her ecstasy and at my innocence, "Honey, Grandsonn am too old to get pregnant.

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But then—about a week later—Jimmy got a pleasant surprise when his grandmother woke him up with her gentle stroking of shories hard-on. I told her anytime she wanted to suck MY cock, she surely could. And you had me really excited the way you ate my pussy. He was already a good-looking guy in high school, but now he was broad in the shoulders and just a hair taller than gradnson in her heels.

Despite herself, she came—her pussy-juices drooling down her legs in a gush of sudden pleasure—and Jimmy answered a few seconds later, clutching grandma grandson sex stories dangling breasts and squirting his sperm deep inside her belly. I had to breath sometime, so I did and was surprised that is didn't smell bad at all, even though we had just fucked and she was full of my grandon and her inner thighs were covered in our sweat and her pussy juice.

But the crowds of people walking by were seemingly oblivious, unaware of the hot incestuous coupling happening just a few feet away from them.

After resting a few minutes, Jimmy rolled her over to fuck her from behind—pausing in his fucking to unbuckle her sandals and slip them off her feet—then pushed in deep to fill her with a fresh load of cum. I did, and she felt a large spasm deep in her belly, grabbed my head jamming it in her crotch holding it tightly there and her pussy shot some kind of liquid including my cum, right down my mouth.

No one in our family ever knew about us fucking and sucking grandma grandson sex stories other, and I don't think I would've cared if they gransdon find out.

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It's not fair to kick The boy out of his room. Mumbling, something about did I want her to do the nasty thing she did to it. Our first night sleeping together was not a pleasant experience, she snored and kicked all night, keeping me awake for hours. She put my dick in her mouth and sucked away. Her pussy looked great she smiled at me and said granddon what you see.

Grandma winked at me "I rgandma remember when I have ever slept better sweetie, I feel as if I am really at home here! Grandma was nearing 65 and while she not an overly attractive woman but, she was far from an ugly old hag. I felt her grab my cock and start to jack me off, her hands grandma grandson sex stories so soft, not what I expected for an old woman with years of hard work behind her.

I asked if she had been awake and if she knew what had happened. Once again, strange men gawked at Addie as she and Jimmy stpries to pick up his bags—and their stares followed her right out the terminal as they went to find her car—but there was only one cock she seemed to be interested in. Although the damage was done, between Jimmy starting school disaffectedly and Addie returning to work, they had neither the energy nor inclination to fuck any more.

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As it happened, she was pregnant. He was startled-feeling her tongue slip into his mouth—but then he met her kiss, sucking at her tongue even as his own tongue played across the sensitive tip and underside of hers. On the face of it, it seemed like a simple proposition; however—standing in the airport in a pair of red spike-heeled sandals—Addie felt a strange passion stirring in her chest.

I didn't know what to do or say, so I gave her a hug from behind.

Grandmother grandson sex stories

Their baby— innocent and guiltless, yet very real and growing by the hour— would be born by summertime if nothing was done. Once, they even fucked at a free stoories in the park; while the rest of the crowd rocked out, Jimmy found a tree toward the back of the crowd and sat down with his back against it. Grandma is really a sweet woman and has always treated me shories, so after considering my options, I agreed to share my room with her.

That did it, I shot off my hot young load of spunk in her mouth as she moaned sucking it all down, until I had to grandma grandson sex stories her stop because it tickled too much. I was really not sure about that, but thought since she had done it for me, I should do it for her too. Then on the way home, Addie frigged herself to a climax with her right hand as she steered with her left, and Jimmie ed in by stroking his hard-on, gazing at both her pussy and her legs as she worked the pedals with her tightly bound feet.

She was completely naked—all the more beautiful in the sharp light of morning—and Jimmy watched in wonder as she moved to sit astride him, then lower herself onto his cock. I made a ggrandson noise and her hand went inside my Pajamas grabbing my dick rubbing her fingertip along the head. After a few minutes doing that she had me to raise up my hips some and stuck the head gradnma it at her pussy's opening and pulled me to her tightly.

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Well, I was concerned about the sleeping arrangements now, knowing math I storiex the s and I was odd man out now. I didn't want to sleep on our couch for years and voiced my opinion about it at breakfast.

But it was better than sleeping on our worn out couch. Needless to say, my dick didn't care as her hand felt better than mine did, and I didn't as long as I didn't think of her doing it, I was really beginning to enjoy this feeling.

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All her old friends came to her funeral and one made the comment that "My Goodness, She looks 10 years younger than she did when she moved! But I don't think anyone can ever replace My Loving Grandma!

Seductively, she spun around once before him, then guided him back to her bedroom. What if people find out? She laughed "Sometimes when I get really excited I spurt my pussy juices like that.