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Is a 2007 nissan altima a good car

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Is a 2007 nissan altima a good car

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The third-generation Altima, transformed from a dowdy, unloved compact into a sleek midsize sedan with sporty handling, brought younger customers to Nissan showrooms and gave the carmaker a serious competitor to the mighty Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. But Nissan is again turning to the Altima to refresh its image. The new Altima sedan is 2. The almost austere lines of the model have given way to elegant curves and folds in the sheet metal, along with high-tech-style taillamps wltima headlight styling that borrows from the Maxima and Z. By the same token, the

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More soft materials are used, for touches like padded armrests, and the overall level of refinement is higher than with the former Altima. The body has gotten a makeover, and features a of pleasing changes. The front seats, built for well-fed Americans, are comfortable, if less supportive than I would have liked on twisty ro.

I found it to be the best car for the money. We challenged it by upshifting all the way up to sixth gear at no more than 30 miles per hour, then downshifting back down, and it made every shift instead acr ignoring them, unlikely as they would have been under regular driving conditions.

Great around town or for long trips. The space for the big glovebox was created by downsizing the air conditioning unit, but Nissan says there's no compromise in AC effectiveness; in fact, Nissan says the AC is best in class, thanks to improved airflow and a quieter fan. The plusher 3.

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The car has been in the shop four times to find the problem only to not find the problem. After driving it a few months, nsisan miles on the car, I felt a rubbing coming up in the steering wheel when i make right turns. And this is a roomier sedan than my '01, but with better gas mileage.

The cowl was moved forward and rear glass rearward, which allowed for no overall decrease in cabin space. The wheelbase has been shortened by nearly an inch, and the overall length cut by 2. The only things I hate is the paint durability.


However you can still hear the front wheels whacking bumps, and the open sunroof blew out the silence with a big whooshing sound. A CVT improves gas mileage because there's altim internal friction.

The base 2. This is the fourth generation of this transmission de, which doesn't have the separate gears of a standard automatic transmission, and Nissan has been a standout in this technology. Is this helpful?

The pace picks up as act 4 begins

This is hardly the first such transmission on a passenger car, but it is surely the best. The bigger engine also adds almost pounds to the weight, which slightly degrades cornering. Air conditioning does not come standard.

There's also pound-feet of torque, which was very useful with the new CVT transmission. There are no less than nine cupholders in the cabin, allowing two big cups of coffee for almost everyone in your carpool. The almost austere lines of the model have given way to elegant curves and folds in the sheet metal, along with high-tech-style taillamps and headlight styling that borrows from the Maxima and Z.

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And the new Altima 2. I drove the 2.

It may be true that women don't like to bother with putting a key in an ignition, as the manufacturers say, and like to keep their keys in their purse at all times; but it's also true that since intelligent keys have been invented, there has been a rash of dead batteries. The object of the rede was to bring the feel and power of a luxury car to this everyman's midsize sedan, and Nissan has succeeded, at least with the Altima model that has the V6 engine and all the options, including plush leather.

So an Altima 2. Overall aerodynamics are improved from 0. Fold-down rear seats allow the trunk to expand into the cabin for carrying big long things.

Nissan altima

Find Used Nissan has re-invented the Nissam for the second time in its four generations. The glovebox is huge; we're not sure of the volume in cubic inches, but Nissan says the capacity is 13 liters should you ever want to fill it up with Diet Coke. The windshield pits very easily. The interior, which in incarnations was dulled by acres of economy-grade plastic, is still unlikely to be confused with the cabin of an Audi or a Lexus, but it is now pleasant and airy.

It's a thorough improvement from top to bottom, inside and out.

Great to drive. The 3.

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Otherwisei love this car. The gauges are new, called Fine Vision Gauges by Nissan. In fact, the in-line 4 could be mistaken for a V-6 until you floor the accelerator and the valves begin to clatter.

The Altima also comes loaded with safety features. The C.

We love it because it's true to us. The rear seat, usually an afterthought in midprice sedans, is first-rate.