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Is it ok to vent to your best friend about relationship

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Is it ok to vent to your best friend about relationship

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Any issue I'm having with my partner, with my friends, or with my life gets aired out to my closest friends. While the old school way of thought ebst that talking about your relationship is somehow betraying your partner's trust, venting to your friends can actually be a good thing. Karin Anderson Abrell tells Bustle. And the same is true when veht been in a relationship for a while. Whether it's the early days or later on, your friends are the ones who can give you some tough love — or tell you when it's time to just tough it out.

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And if your friends hear about things going wrong again and again, they'll start to develop a negative view of your partner. Now, you've frienc into a huge fight, and you're not sure what to do.

1. your friends tend to hold grudges.

No matter how great your partner is, as long as you keep talking to your friends about the problems in your relationship, your friends will keep seeing your partner in a negative light. The last thing you want to do is vent to someone who isn't rooting for your relationship, and create an even more confusing situation.

But unfortunately relstionship not always wise to dish to your friends about every little thing that's happening in your relationship. If your relationship isn't ending, and you aren't looking to connect with someone else, proceed with caution, Mayo says. It benefits everyone involved by gaining perspective and decreasing built-up frustration. Seeking advice builds trust and strengthens your friendship.

But it can also be incredibly destructive.

Your friends know you better than anyone

If all that your friends hear about your relationship are your problems, they have no other choice but to perceive your partner in a negative light. It's highly doubtful your partner would appreciate that.

You now feel silly. Although, there are limits.

Should you talk about relationship problems with friends? yes & here's why

When I left dinner about two hours later, my boyfriend called me and we talked out the problem. You love your partner, and the two of you get along really well It can help to speak with a friend who doesn't know your partner, Relationsgip says. They can provide a unique perspective.

We obviously need them to know how our ificant other either made our day or pissed us off. Your friends and family can provide perspectives that are different from your own or your partner's, and those outside views could be exactly what you need to move forward. Usually when you are sharing a story with them you are speaking from an emotional place. Talking to your friends can decrease conflict between you and your partner.

But how do you strike a balance between being open with the people you care about, while not disrespecting your partner and the relationship at the same time?

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So vent away, but remember that ultimately, nobody knows your relationship better than the two of you. But talking to your friends and hearing what they're going through can be really helpful, because it reminds us that everyone fights and disagrees from time to time. My husband and I are big believers in keeping our marriage sacred.

If that's the case, you may want to be a little savvier with your venting or take what they say with a pinch of salt. And why not? Instead of calming you down, your friends start to bring up possible explanations that only make you freak out more.

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Specifics about your sex life What happens behind bedroom doors should stay between you and your partner. Saniyyah Mayoa d marriage and family therapist in private practice, tells Bustle. Here's the big question: Do you talk to your friends about your relationship? You should be able to talk about some things, and having this discussion to clarify what and with whom will go a long way.

10 reasons why you should stop giving your friends details about your love life

Your Friends May Give You Terrible Advice If your friends only hear one side of the issue, they'll probably give advice based on that one side of the issue, which is totally understandable. That's why, as Mayo says, you should never vent to someone who doesn't like your partner, such as a friend who's developed a negative opinion, as they can take that info and run with it.

October 19, Venting to your friends about your relationship isn't always the best idea.

But having some room to get issues off your chest, get advice, and see things from another angle is a good thing. And then, when you want your friends and your partner to get along, you'll wonder why they actually hate each other. But what if your partner is working late to pay off bills, and your best friend doesn't know that? Or a pile of salt.

And it can unfairly impact your partner. Venting is great, but sometimes you have to be mindful of how you do it and who you're doing it with. Your relationship is important, and you don't want to make a hasty or ill-informed decision. It adds cracks in your relationships that don't need to be there. Giphy Seeking advice from a friend will increase the bond between you two as well.

Even if you've moved past whatever you were venting about, it can be very hard to undo their negative opinion, after hearing your anguish and pain, Dr.

5 ways you're oversharing about your relationship (and how to stop)

Sorrella d professional counselor, tells Bustle. There are certain things to take intosuch as their specific reasoning, if you're hearing this opinion from other people venf well, and how much you trust this friend's judgment ko insight. If you notice that they are agreeing with everything you say, or only viewing your partner in a negative way, it may be time to take a step back.

This awareness can then help enhance your romantic relationship. Don't create this drama. Well, that you never talked to your partner about it.

With that in mind, veht are four reasons you shouldn't keep your relationship problems a secret from your friends. This is never a good thing.

While you should take what your friends say into consideration, you shouldn't blindly follow their advice. That doesn't mean we're religious or subscribe to a particular religious school of thought for our gest. It's easier than you might think to lose yourself in a romantic relationship, and your friends can help you get back to being who you really are.

Love is a topic that we never fail to discuss with this friend.