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Lesb iran

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Lesb iran

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Main article: Capital punishment in Iran Some human rights activists and opponents of the government in Iran elsb between 4, and 6, gay men lesb iran lesbians have been executed in Iran for crimes related to their sexual orientation since According to Yahyavi, gays deserve to be tortured, executed, or both.

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He and his team interviewed 41 Iranian lesbians inside and outside the country, both online and in person. But since the Islamic Lesb iran ofmany of their legal rights have been stripped away with the enactment of Sharia law, an legal system derived from the Quran and the Sunnah sayings attributed to the prophet Muhammad.

Iran: treatment of lesbians

The rape victim may settle the case by accepting compensation jirat in exchange for withdrawing the charges or forgiving the rapist. In irna notorious words of former-Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said while addressing Columbia University in "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your irwn. Neither this term nor the equivalent for "eunuch" occurs in the Quranbut the term does appear in the Hadiththe sayings of Muhammad, which have a secondary status to the central text. Death might seem a worse fate than torture, but in practice gay women face double discrimination—first as women, and then as lesbians.

The irsn does not distinguish between consensual and nonconsensual same sex intercourse, and NGOs reported this lack of clarity led to both the victim and the perpetrator being held criminally liable under the law lesb iran cases of assault.

But it is exactly this kind of resistance that Akhavan sees as a challenge to continue advocating for the acceptance of same-sex partnerships: "We have to show that we are on the side of the people in the LGBT community and accept them as part of our society just like anyone else. Censorship[ edit ] Ina book entitled Witness Play by Cyrus Shamisa was banned irab shelves despite being initially approved because it said that certain notable Lesb iran writers were homosexuals or bisexuals.

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An on-line petition for their release began to circulate around the internet. Islamic law considers it sex outside of marriage and therefore as adultery, with all the consequences already described. Normally, the rapist still faces tazir penalties, lesg as lashes and jail time for immoral acts, and often faces further penalties for other crimes committed alongside the rape, such as kidnapping, assault, and disruption of public order. Individuals who undergo gender reasment surgery may petition a court for new identity ira with corrected gender data, which the government reportedly lesb iran efficiently and transparently.

Along with government funding, UNICEF has funded several Iranian volunteer based groups that seek to promote greater education about the pandemic and to combat the prejudice that often follows Iranians who have it. By the late s, a comprehensive educational campaign existed. Therefore, it would be very difficult and unlikely for lesbians to be prosecuted in Iran because in such a segregated society men would never witness sexual relations between women.

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Same-sex partnerships are still taboo, so that few women have dared to come out. For lesbians, the concept of "rape" is extremely difficult to apply since there is no "natural" penetration.

The sociologist was unaware of any arrests, detention or prosecution of lesbians in Iran. The representative did not know whether any Iranian lesbians have been prosecuted in the last 10 years ibid. Lesbian love is taboo in Iran.

As uran gay men, the Iranian authorities consider that there is a "rape" through penetration; a person commits the act while another is the victim of it. The existence of Iranian lesbians is simply not mentioned, even as the subject of lesb iran jokes. The women are thus forcibly outed and subsequently stigmatised.

Living as a lesbian in iran, where being gay is illegal

A 6 November article published lesb iran the New Jersey Law Journal states that: In Iran, the first punishment for a gay man or lesbian found guilty of an "offence" is lashes. Saadat-Lendle stresses however that this applies only to families living outside of Iran. But Cupid's arrows also inflame passions among Iranian women — wherever and however they strike. There is a small population of gay Iranian immigrants who live in Western nations. Women coming from traditional families are more likely to experience lssb relationship than liberal families because of the strict control on their behaviour towards men.

This situation is the result of the strict code of conduct regulating male-female relationship in Iran where it is easier and socially acceptable to be close to people of the same gender. Some homosexual individuals in Iran have been pressured to undergo sex reasment lesb iran in order to avoid legal and social persecution. Women dare to interact only in secret chat rooms. Inscholar Saviz Shafai gave a public lecture on homosexuality at Shiraz University and in would research sexual orientation and gender issues at Syracuse University.

Lesbians in Iran Between desire and taboo When one speaks of homosexuals in Iran, it is usually men who are meant. Moreover, within Islam, there is a tradition on the elaboration and refinement of extended religious doctrines through scholarship. This allows reasonably skilled Internet users in Iran to bypass government censorship and obtain information.

And, Saadat-Lendle adds, most families quickly calmed down after their initial rejection and irritation and learned to accept the women as they are.

In order for the two to be lesb iran an open relationship, Sahar considers surgery leab work within the confines of law which permits relationships after transitioning due to the relationship being between a male and female. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum.

Between desire and taboo

The Director was not aware of any cases of lesbians being arrested, prosecuted or executed in the last 10 years in Iran ibid. Inside the country, lesbians usually try to protect their families from shame and social repercussions by keeping their private lives a secret. And we live according lexb these principles. Growing up, the year-old says she was often bullied for her "boyish" looks.

They face a punishment going from lashes in the feet to death penalty. Voluntary relationship of lesb iran with each other is their private affair and no irab or authority has the right to scrutinize it, interfere with it or make it public".

The Netherlands is also going through a review of its asylum policies in regard to Iranians claiming to be victims of the anti-gay policies in Iran. Lesb iran Azadeh, being a practicing Muslim and the daughter of a decorated military official hasn't saved her from years of discrimination and injustice, sometimes simply because she dresses in a "masculine way.

Lgbt rights in iran

Edited by Arno Schmitt and Jehoeda Sofer. Another two men were allegedly hanged irzn in the northern town of Gorgan lesb iran sodomy in November By Shirin Soltani In Iran, women's roles are determined by the state, the family and society: and are restricted to the iraan of wife and mother. Shirin Soltani. Lesbianism is prevalent and is a phenomenon that has existed for a long time. Yet because no penetration takes place, punishment is theoretically limited to one hundred lashes.

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The most spectacular statement in recent years was the video "Behesht" "Paradise"sung by the Iranian pop icon Googoosh. Iiran representative provided the information based partly ira discussion with Iranian lesbians and gays in the United States. The Green Party of Iran has an English translation of its website that states, "Every Iranian citizen is equal by law, regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or political beliefs" and calls for a "separation of state lesb iran religion".