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Naked girls from cincinnati

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Naked girls from cincinnati

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Unique, professional, experienced and highly danceable, NKG is the Midwest's most popular live party band! Afraid to dance? We make you shake like a love machine with funny choreography, props and outfits that encourage everyone in the audience to participate wit us.

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We thought that taking photos of her flashing out in public would make other swingers more interested, but it must be too outside their comfort zone and it hasn't helped get many couples interested in us, except one.

Unique, professional, experienced and highly danceable, NKG is the Midwest's most popular live party band! None of this comes cheap, of course.

So in times of extreme demand— typically the summer months and again in December—they cobble together a second NKG. Girsl was not one of those garage bands that stumbled into success.

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That was the goal when they started. Nor do they practice karate. On top of that, we provide "DJ" music during band breaks to keep you on your feet! The name, it turns out, is a complete fabrication.

Naked karate girls: high-energy stage show with dance music and party anthems

Initially, church festivals—one of their mainstays—were hesitant to book a band with such a provocative name. We can be the master of ceremonies. But they look sharp as hell. At Hilton Head, they look like they just returned from the beach.

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We're a five member group ready to rock your party, wedding, corporate event, fes Besides, if all those rave reviews can virls believed, NKG provides many ancillary services you might otherwise pay more for. For us, getting up onstage and performing the music is the reward.

Our services begin from Naked girls from cincinnati moment the first guest arrives to when the last guest leaves. Married ones. There are always two of the original members performing with the xincinnati. We're a five member group ready to rock your party, wedding, corporate event, festival, or evening night spot. It has proven to be a highly successful approach. And charisma. When we were in a Skyline restaurant one day she thought it would be fun to take a picture with her boobs out next to the guy's chili he missed, so I got the camera ready on my phone and she pulled the girls out.


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Most importantly Unique, professional, experienced and highly danceable, NKG is one of the Midwest's most popular entertainment groups. Tom and Gary had played together for four years in another Cincinnati cover band.

Same costumes. The key is showmanship. But at wedding and corporate gigs, they channel the best of old-school rock bands and they wear suits.

The Naked Karate Girls can be seen and heard cuffing-and-stuffing audiences throughout the Midwest in clubs, live venues, private parties, weddings, and corporate functions. I'm a Black woman who is shy, quiet, laid back and reserved. Young friends. You inherently understand that they have just one purpose—to entertain.

Bringing the wow

Phone : Call About Afraid to dance? We can organize integrated DJ music. Single ones. You name it, we've done it.

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Dis is a world class show! The thing we found was odd is that girlls swingers are very un-kinky except for involving other people. But I scrolled through nearly of these reviews and there was just one that dipped below a five-star rating. And they were determined to make it a smart business devoted not just to entertaining audiences, but also to helping their clients make their events more entertaining.

After that, all the churches wanted us. Comments are welcome!

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We play only cover music, or songs you've heard on the radio for years that you love to sing along with and dance to. NKG performs music from all decades and nearly all styles. Most important, every moment of an NKG show is goodhearted.

Sometimes they put on wigs. From wedding receptions to private parties to nightclub entertainment, we have the equipment and experience to bring a quality, energetic, and professional performance together for you at a great price!